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CLONE - "a thing that duplicates, imitates, or closely resembles another in appearance, function, performance or style." And well, since the previous version was unwillingly abducted, we felt it was mere logic to "clone" it and give it a few upgrades & performance enhancing tweaks that we know you will like.

OPTIMIZED TRACTION TECHNOLOGY - Based on years of testing and research we found this direction of coverstock chemistry provides a more balanced oil displacement/absorption throughout the entire lane thus creating more consistency/predictability shot after shot in terms of skid distance, midlane traction, and response to friction down lane.

CLONED E.T. CORE - In our pursuit of creating an out of this world motion, we felt it was pertinent to change the density of the proven E.T. Core in order to better compliment our other asymmetrical cores in the line. Not only did the RG go down, but the differential went up, making this part dynamically stronger than the previous version.


Release date: 18/08/2023

Roto Grip Clone

Productcode: 1807233
299,00 €Prijs
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